Custom props

We aren’t named Escape Room Tailors by accident. If you are looking for a custom prop, tailored for your exact needs, we are your supplier! Guaranteed to fit your theme. Looking for something off-the-rack? Choose a prop from our catalog! Please contact us with the contact form below for a quote on a custom prop or a .pdf catalog of existing ones.

Escape Box

Portable Escape box which is full of adventure and puzzles! It has got 10 puzzles and many gadgets which you can use to solve the mysteries. 

In the Escape Box 1 you are in the role of magicians and witches and you have to find out Merlin’s secret. It contains our best sellers, the magic map and the potion colormixer props and tons of other puzzles in it which grants 3-4 person an hour of excitment.

Coming soon!


Escape Rooms

We guarantee high quality on all the stages of development and construction of escape rooms. Our rooms are all turn-key escape rooms that are based on your imagination. We work for you to reach top rankings and happy visitors.

High-quality documentation helps to avoid errors during manufacturing and construction.

Our latest work is the Swiss Rockstudio from 2019.

Easy install

For us easy installation does not only mean plug and play. We also design our props to have the necessary thickness and strength to mount them to walls and surfaces with screws. Yet still remain accessible when needed, without removing screws from the wall.

Fast diagnostics

The control boards inside our props always give you feedback of their states. In case of any problems, these help to find a solution fast.

Simple Replacement

We design our props with repairability in mind. In the rare occasion of a parts failure, you will be able to take apart the prop with ease and replace any component. Replacement parts will be provided by us of course.