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We’ve collected the most common questions that our costumers usually have.
We hope it helps you to see through our process.

What are the production times?

For props from our catalog 4-8 weeks. For Tailor made props –  6-12 weeks, For turn-key escape rooms – from 12 to 20 weeks depending
on the escape room type and our current workload.

How long the delivery takes?

Standar delivery 5-7 days, express is available to most places with 1-3 days delivery time.

Can I order uniqe design for gadgets or escape room?

Yes, sure. You dream it, we build it. Besides creating tailor
made designs for the games we can set or change the difficulty levels of any
puzzles too.

What are the payment terms?

For 1-3 props we take full payment in advance.  For more props and complete rooms we take 50% retainer upfront and you pay for the rest once the props are finished and we showed you video of them working.

What if something breaks down?

You can contact us by email/Facebook with all questions or complications. In case of any problems with our goods,
we will help you to diagnose the problem. Photos and videos are the best way to demonstrate any issues you are having with the props.
If a problem is caused by manufacturing errors, we will send you the neccessary replacement parts to fix. In case that is not possible you can send the prop back to us for repairs.